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National Gang Wars Game Guide


Hire some thugs and bodyguards. These will defend you if you are attacked by another Gangster. Buy some weapons from the black market or your defensive units will get whacked. Look for a gang to join or create your own. The guys in your gang will back you up if anybody attacks you. Hire some operatives to make you some real loot, even though thugs can produce keep in mind operatives make much more then they do......then buy some drugs on the black market to keep all of your operatives and defensive units happy. If they're not happy, they'll just go and work for a gangster who gives them more drugs. Use our features to your advantage, such as Hospital to recover a % of your fallen defensive units, Use the Hit-man feature and sign the contract to whack someone, and you can even use Perks to boost up your advantage, and the Business feature where you can open up multiple businesses that'll bring you in daily cash revenue.


The game is split into rounds. This makes it so players cant get to far ahead so everybody has a chance to win if they're good enough. At the end of each round, awards will be awarded to the best gangster bosses. There are two round types; normal rounds and mini rounds. The normal round is where you make a name for yourself. Here you need to earn the respect of other gangsters. In the mini round, you get more turns so if a gangster has disrespected you or your family you can whack them in the mini round and show them who's boss.


If you want to stay alive in the gangster underworld, you'll need to use your turns wisely. Every 10 minutes, turns are handed out to all players. It's up to you what you do with them. To perform most actions in game, you will need to use turns. The amount you need to use depends on what you want to do. If you use your turns wisely, you will be able to win attacks against other players. Their are bonus turns also given out every hour but the catch it you must be online with in 1 minutes of any hour or every hour if you choose too in order to receive the bonus turns

Note: If you pull more turns then needed it is at your own risk, we will not refund the turns you do not use. So please do not ask.


It will take you turns to rise up the levels in ranks. The winner of the round is always be in the number 1 spot of level 4. Turns from your WON account can be used to step up the ladder of success. Anyone can be in the level 1 spot on the main round it doesnt matter if your a normal or supporter or subscriber status. This is another thing that makes us unique, National Gang Wars makes it fair game for everyone to have a chance if they choose too, and play wisely to take a win.


If you wish to be in level 2 status with out adding turns to the round you must donate to the NGW Store or donation page if your not already at level 3 or 4. To climb up the levels simply add the turns required per threshold. (example pull 100k or more turns to hit level 4) if you wish to know how many turns are needed per level please scroll down to levels 1-4 shown at the bottom of the screen. To be a subscriber you must buy a subscription from the donation page. To win you must be at level 4 in the #1 spot in any status to win! As long as you have enough turns to climb up the levels and you have the highest net worth in Level 4 in the #1 spot. Use the turns wisely with a solid gang and some great team effort it has and will be done again. Good Luck!


At the end of each round, donation awards will be awarded to the best players in each category. You can view the standings page or the full Awards list to see what awards are available. To win the awards, you'll need to show you have what it takes to be a good gang boss. The top player in the highest category will win the top Award, and must message the admin in order to receive both credits and awards..


In the gang, you gotta stick together. If you don't, Gangsters from other families or the feds will come after you. If you join a family, you have protection against that and if you do get gunned down, they can hit the bitch that did it. The richest families will win awards for every member.


A real gangster boss doesn't get their hands dirty. You will need to hire others to do your dirty work. Hitmen, Bodyguards and Thugs will carry out any hits you order. The more you hire, the lower the possibility of you getting attacked by another gangster. Whores, Hustlers, Punks, Bootleggers and Card Dealers will earn you cash and produce drugs for you. The more you hire, the more money you can make.


So you hired some operatives? If you don't collect money from them, they'll just sit there doing nothing. This is the main way of making money. You'll be judged on how much money you make so don't let the gang down.


If somebody disrespects you or your family, you need some money or if you just feel like a fight, you can attack players. There are a range of different attacks you can do. Drive-by shootings, car jacking, murdering operatives, robbing their business or a full scale territory invasion are your options. If you really want to show somebody who's the boss, attacking them will remind them and can be very profitable. Pick the wrong hit however, and you could be 'sleeping with the fishes' "WARNING: revenges can break through hire protection." You can attack Gangsters based on their net worth. If you're a capo worth $500,000 you cant whack a gang don worth $50 billion. Check the 'game settings' page in game for up to date attack ranges.


Producing is a way of getting drugs, alcohol or cash from your employees. Instead of a cut of their profits, you can get narcotics or fake money. This can be cheaper than buying drugs off the black market


This is where you buy items you need. Weapons, drugs and vehicles are all essential for a good mafia organization. They ain't cheap so make sure you got a good business.


Here, you can manage your money. Stash it in the bank, your personal vault or send it to a friend to protect it. If you use the bank, you can earn interest on any money you have deposited. Keep in mind our bank only transfer up to 12 digits. So use wisely. Here, you can also accept or cancel transfers to and from your friends.


So you're in Chicago and your buddy gets whacked in Palermo. Pay the bitch who did it a visit. Whenever you travel, all your guys come with you and you gotta fork out for the tickets. If you have any private jets, your guys can go for free. The more jets you have, the more guys can go for free.


So you got whacked by some hotshot from another family and he's now loaded so you cant whack him back? You're in luck. If somebody attacks you, you can attack them back unlimited times for up to 24 hours, no matter what they're now worth. Click 'revenges' in your mailbox page and you'll be able to get even. keep in mind revenges can break through protection! So in other words be careful on whom your hitting.


You can add other players into your friends list. If they accept your request, you can see their name in other rounds so its easy to find good guys you can count on. To add a friend, click 'add to friends' on their profile or type in their name on your friends page. You'll need to give them a nickname that you'll remember them by. Even if they choose a different name next round, you'll still know who they are.

When you join a round, you can use Hide Mode which will make you not appear on your friends' lists. This is useful if you want to infiltrate the enemy.


Once you purchase one business it will unlock another business to chose from and continue unlocking till you get to our top business! THE MOLES!! All profits from the business goes directly to your bank NOT THE FAMILY BANK!!


This feature can be selected by anyone. Free players can choose one feature while subscribers and supporters can choose up to two per round.

If you have any other questions please message the admin. Thank you and enjoy the round.


Anyone who has a full set of medals from main and mini round now have a choice on receiving a free 30 day subscription or choose a donation pack at equal value of a 30 day subscription. Simply message the admin to confirm and the free subscription is yours.


These are undercover Feds lurking through the underworld of nationalgangwars and themafiabusiness pretending to be normal gangsters. Here in NGW they will provide you with kill points if you find and kill them. You can also loot them. Some will always have the same name while others will change names at random every round, after you find and kill one they will rebuild giving someone else or yourself a chance to take them out if they can. Be careful their not easy to defeat. Moles will also accept invites and you can use their net worth to your gangs advantage. Only 3 moles per gang will be accepted. The amount of moles per round is based on a % of active players per round. Try and find and kill the mole or use the mole to your advantage.


So you can not attack someone because they have more DUs then you, or they're out of range? No fear, if you can afford it you can hire a Hitman to take him down. Once you sign the contract with the Hitman it can not be reversed or stopped. Our Hitmen mean business. On day one it will cost ten dollars and every day after it will be a additional five dollars per day till six hours before end of round unless Admin states differently. This means the Hitman feature will be off/ closed six hours before end of the round. Note: using the Hitman feature does not leave a revenge nor does anyone know who placed the hit on them unless you state it on the personal message left by the Hitman.

All Time Deadliest Killer Bonus

Anyone who becomes National Gang Wars All Time killer (which is the person with the most kills in history of being in NGW will receive a 10 day subscription for the life of holding the title! Here in NGW we honor those who kill , kill , kill. Do you have what it takes to become NGW's All Time Killer? If so bring it on and if you feel you are and have taken the title message the admin to verify and if indeed you are then you shall hold the title and take the subscription for life of the title here in NGW. Good Luck Killers

Jail-Prison-Tip Off the Cops

Details coming as we create it

Tipping off the cops?

Details coming as we create it

what happens in jail?

We won't go into detail about some of the things that happen in jail... but if you get busted/ raided you will lose all of your on hand cash and every single item in the black market inventory. You will then have no access to black market, attack, hire, produce, collect, travel, revenge, bank, transfers.

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